Are you a student or instructor looking to raise funds for your program?   We help multiple programs a year, the easiest way to raise funds!  We allow your students to sell 2 of our designs then sell locally for any rate you choose and keep the difference!  You can offer color choices and even do long sleeve, zipper jackets and hoodies!  Please contact us today!

Nov 18 - Apr 4

Xraytease Fundraising

If 50 or more of each design is sold this is the cost. If 50 or less is sold of each design add $1.00 per item for the cost. Short sleeve shirts for $7.50 Long sleeves for $12.50 Hoodies for $16 Zipper Jackets for &18.50 Add $2.00 for any size 2XL and higher We provide order forms and also can separate the shirts for you by clinical site!

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